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We interviewed an influencer and owner of some Cuff Copenhagen jewelry about his personal style and how he styles his Cuff Copenhagen jewelry. In this blog post, you'll learn more about his unique preferences and creative approach to these pieces of jewelry.

Q1: Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your personal style?

I love minimalism. My style is a combination of the classic and the modern way. 

Q2: What drew you to Cuff Copenhagen's jewelry, and how do you feel when you wear them?

The design caught my eye. It's simple and clean just the way I like it. The material was an added bonus.

Q3: Could you share your top three favorite pieces from Cuff Copenhagen's collection and why you love them? 

I have chosen 3 products: 

  • Avery Ring 
  • Avery Bracelet
  • Ellery Signet Ring

I think the Avery Ring and Avery Bracelet is the perfect set for men who like clean form and quality jewellery. When combined this is an elegant combo on one hand. It results in an amazing impression. The Ellery Signet Ring is a signet ring for every day. It doesn't matter if you're dressed in a tracksuit or a suit - it always looks great.

Q4: How do you incorporate Cuff Copenhagen jewelry into your daily outfits and styling?

I wear the bracelet and round ring from the Avery range on special occasions. This jewelry makes me feel elegant and confident. The Ellery signet ring accompanies me every day and goes with any outfit regardless of the occasion.

Q5: Many of our readers are interested in building a versatile jewelry collection. What advice do you have for them in choosing jewelry that can be worn for various occasions?

I believe that this is an individual matter. Everyone has a different style and way of expressing it through accessories. My advice is for everyone to be consistent with their style and feel good about themselves. Someone once said "The best outfit is confidence" and this also applies to jewelry.

Avery Ring
449,00 kr
Blair Bracelet Slim
999,00 kr
Hobbe's ring
699,00 kr
Blair Bracelet Slim Gold
1.299,00 kr
Avery Bracelet
999,00 kr
Avery Ring Gold
599,00 kr


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