Your guide for the perfect jewelry look

At Cuff Copenhagen we believe that jewelry is a way to express your personality and style. Let's discover together how you can incorporate your rings into wonderful ensembles.

Mix metals and textures

One of the most exciting things about combining Cuff Copenhagen jewelry is the variety of metals and textures. When you wear one of our beautiful rings, remember that you have the option to combine it with a matching bracelet or necklace. Mix different metals like silver and gold to create an elegant contrast. You can also vary textures by pairing smooth rings with braided or hammered bracelets.

Blair Bracelet Slim
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Avery Bracelet
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Blair Bracelet Slim Gold
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Hobbes Bracelet Slim
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Curb Bracelet Slim
449,00 kr
Hobbes Bracelet Slim Gold
1.199,00 kr

Layering for the wow factor

Layering rings, bracelets and necklaces is a hot trend and can instantly add depth to your look. Start with a statement ring and then add a matching bracelet and necklace. Make sure the pieces match each other, whether through color, metal, or shape. This layering style adds a glamorous flair to your outfit.

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Lennon Necklace Slim Gold
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Parker Necklace
749,00 kr
Sean Necklace
1.199,00 kr
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Curb Necklace Slim
1.049,00 kr
Lennon Necklace Slim
1.719,00 kr
Curb Necklace
1.719,00 kr

Color coordination for elegance

If you're looking for an elegant look, coordinate the colors of your rings, bracelets and necklaces with each other. For example, if your ring has a blue stone, choose a bracelet or necklace with a similar color. This color coordination adds a sophisticated touch to your entire ensemble.

Emphasize a focal point

Sometimes you want to highlight a specific piece of jewelry. Wear a statement ring and keep other jewelry simple. This focus on a single piece can make a strong statement while highlighting your personality.

Your style, your rules

Finally, the rule always applies: your personal style comes first. Choose rings, bracelets and necklaces from Cuff Copenhagen that suit your style and mood. Jewelry is a form of self-expression, so have fun creating your unique look.

Visit our Bracelet collection and Necklace collection to discover inspiring jewelry pieces and be inspired by our wide selection.


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