Jewelry Care

1. Mix some dish soap in lukewarm water.

2. Leave the jewelry in the water for at least 5 minutes.

3. Use a soft cloth or your fingers to gently buff the surface.

4. Clean the jewelry with water and dry it with a clean, soft cloth. Don't use paper as it can scratch the jewelry.

Sterling Silver / Gold Plated Jewelry

1. Use a silver polishing cloth

2. Gently rub the scrub onto the area until it is gone.

Is your jewelry badly oxidized?

1. Dip a silver polishing cloth in a silver cleaning solution. You MUST NOT immerse the jewelry in silver cleaning solution.

2. Rub the cloth on the exposed areas.

3. After cleaning, you need to clean the jewelry in water to remove excess chemicals.

Gold Jewellery

In rare cases, gold jewelry may oxidize or discolour. 18K gold contains metals, including copper and silver, in the alloy that are natural oxidizing agents.

If you notice a slight discoloration, you can use a gold polishing cloth and rub it over the area.

1. Always remember to remove your jewelry before going to bed or exercising. Sweat can wear out jewelry.

2. Before you shower or wash your hands, it's a good idea to remove your jewelry.

3. Skin care, perfume and other beauty products can damage the jewelry. We therefore recommend that jewelry should not be brought into contact with it.