Size Guide for Rings

How to read the ring size?

Ring sizes consist of a single number and can therefore be a little difficult to decode. In reality, it's fortunately not that complicated, as the number indicates the inner circumference of the ring in millimeters and should match the circumference of your finger. If your finger measures 58 mm in circumference, you should therefore use a size 58 ring.

However, you should be aware that very narrow rings may require a slightly smaller size than usual to stay on the finger, while it may be necessary to go up a size with very wide rings.

How to find the ring size by measuring your finger

This method requires a bit more effort and equipment than the other two methods but is useful if you don't have a ring on hand to measure against.

You will need: a ruler, scissors, a pencil, and a piece of paper.

1. Cut a paper strip that is at least 10 cm long and has a width that matches the ring you're thinking of purchasing (most rings are 5 mm).

2. Wrap the paper strip around the chosen finger and make a mark where the strip overlaps.

3. Place the paper strip on the table and use the ruler to measure how many mm there are from the end of the paper strip to the mark you just made.

4. Now you have your ring size.

Finger circumference in mm

Diameter of the ring in mm

Ring size chart




56 17.82 56 7 1/2 16
58 18.46 58 8 1/4 18
60 19.09 60 9 20
62 19.73 62 10 22
64 20.37 64 10 3/4 24
66 21.00 66 11 1/2 26