Size Guide for Bracelets

Which bracelet size fits me?

The size of bracelets we need varies individually. Our wrists are different, and the same applies to our preferences for how snugly the bracelet should fit.

We produce our chain bracelets in 19 cm and 21 cm. Our other bracelets are made in 16.5-19 cm, and they can be adjusted to fit any wrist, meaning you don't need to worry about whether our bracelets will fit you.

How to measure your bracelet size?

When figuring out which bracelet size you need, you actually don't need anything other than a measuring tape. Measure the circumference of your wrist at the widest point; typically, this will be across the wrist bone. If it's difficult to use the measuring tape with one hand, consider getting someone to help you. Make sure the measuring tape sits snugly around the wrist as you read your measurement.

Once you've measured your wrist, remember to add a bit to find your bracelet size. Usually, adding about 2 cm works well. If you want the bracelet to fit more loosely, you can add 3 cm, and conversely, you can also choose to wear the bracelet more snugly.